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Lanterns, Clocks and Abstract Art

Welcome to Wavytail. I’m Jo, and I offer abstract paper arts, and functional fused glass, to the world.

Introducing smaller 4″ diameter microbowls

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For those tiny items, or just a splash of color on your desk, I am pleased to offer these new 4″ little bowls. They’re really cute, and come in five new original designs.

Here’s a picture showing them with two of my standard size 5.7″ bowls for comparison. All five designs are here (one is repeated).

4" bowls alongside 5.7" bowls

(A note about the diameters: They finish up a bit less than the stated diameter. I’m referring to the size of disc that I cut; but once they are in the slumping molds, it depends on the shape of the mold as to what the final diameter ends up being.)

Frit vein bowls and worry stones

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I’m back after a summer heat induced hiatus, with some new, white, frit vein bowls. I like the way these have turned out; you can really see the color veins in these. There’s a couple of new transparent ones too since folks seem to like those.

White frit vein bowls

I also made some worry stones; shiny glass rocks! A customer asked if I had any; well, I do now. Keep one in your pocket and let the colorful round pebbles take your cares away.

Worry stones

Another batch of frit vein bowls

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It’s hot and hotter here in Texas, which means I’m running the kiln a little less frequently, but here is the latest batch of goodies to emerge. More frit vein bowls! The small square blue one is in a new mold, too. Now I can make small square dishes. These are great for keys, or as large coasters, or as base plates for pillar candles.

(Pen for scale)

More new bowls

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Here’s a brace of new bowls. Some Indian-style ones in bright colors, two Wrought Iron designs in more subtle tones, and a pair of Frit Vein styles. You can catch these at the upcoming Buda Market In The Park, on July 1st.

There are all around 5″ in diameter.

The square one is 8″, and the round one is about 5.5″.