Frit Vein Bowls

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I tried a new technique, and I’m really liking how these came out. These are made from pieces of clear glass with colored frit (tiny bits of glass) in the gaps between. I then added more color to brighten them some more. They’re nicely heavyweight and slightly rustic feeling, with a load of depth in the glass. You really need to handle these and see how the different veins move in front of each other.

Frit Vein bowls; pen for scale

(Pen for scale; the bowls are 7.5″ in diameter)

Frit Vein bowl

Frit Vein bowl

Frit Vein bowl

Art-o-Hedrons: Coloring fun with 3D shapes!

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I have a new product to offer you all – Art-o-Hedrons!

These are flat-pack polyhedrons that you can color as you see fit, before building them into 3D shapes. It’s a pack of six: three icosahedrons and three dodecahedrons. They all feature original artwork by yours truly, ready for you to jazz up with colors as bold and bright as you like.

Find them on my market stand, or grab a pack from my Etsy shop here.

New design: Wrought Iron

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Here’s a new design for y’all; Wrought Iron. This one is made in white glass with a subtle pink center. I’ll do more in time, in different colors.

More new bowls and fresh designs

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I have six new crackle bowls, and three others of varying designs, ready for my market stand this weekend. Come and see me to choose your favorite!

Here’s a look at all of them. The smallest ones are about 5.5″ in diameter, and the largest green one is 11.5″.


Here’s a close up of some of the new designs.

You’ve seen some of these before, but the red and pink ones show the newest screen print designs.


Here’s a new polka dot bowl, 7.5″ in diameter.


This one is an 8″ square design, made with individually cut squares fused into the center.