New design: Wrought Iron

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Here’s a new design for y’all; Wrought Iron. This one is made in white glass with a subtle pink center. I’ll do more in time, in different colors.

More new bowls and fresh designs

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I have six new crackle bowls, and three others of varying designs, ready for my market stand this weekend. Come and see me to choose your favorite!

Here’s a look at all of them. The smallest ones are about 5.5″ in diameter, and the largest green one is 11.5″.


Here’s a close up of some of the new designs.

You’ve seen some of these before, but the red and pink ones show the newest screen print designs.


Here’s a new polka dot bowl, 7.5″ in diameter.


This one is an 8″ square design, made with individually cut squares fused into the center.

Iron Fuser 2017

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The glass fusing shop in North Austin, Helios, ran their Iron Fuser contest again this year. This year’s theme was the Tropics. I am delighted that I won a category in the contest, for my bowl, “Flower of India”!

It’s fun to do this contest; a good exercise in making something complex within a set of parameters – in this case, they provide a pack of glass which you have to use all of. The orange, green and sparkly frit in this piece was part of the pack, as was the sea blue, which started life as clear Tekta. You may add anything you want, and make anything you want. The standard of entries was very high, and varied in their compositions. You can see the all the entries at the Iron Fuser website.

Thank you to Karen Tarlow for the pictures of my entry and the award.

New, bigger, bowls are coming.

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I bought a new mould! It is 11.5″ in diameter, which allows me to make bigger bowls for the first time. Here’s a Sand Dollar bowl in semi-transparent shades of green. The first of many!