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Look, a new batch of shiny stars, fresh out of the kiln. These are great to hang from things, or just to add a splash of colour.


Cygnus X-1, Destroyer of Space/Time

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There’s a glass fusing shop in north Austin named Helios Glass. It’s an hour’s drive north of me, so I don’t visit very often. However this year, friend Christine persuaded me to take part in their Iron Fuser competition, in which a theme is given, and you have to use all the glass in their supplied pack in your entry. Since the theme was science based, and they included glow-in-the-dark glass in the pack, I didn’t need a lot of persuading 🙂


I made this clock, and named it ‘Cygnus X-1, Destroyer of Space/Time’. It’s about eight inches in diameter. It took many layers of glass and five separate firings.



This graphic contains the reasons and representations contained within the design.


And here is what it looks like when it glows in the dark 🙂

I used glow paint for the clock hands. They look a lot more green, which is handy when you want to pick out the hands from the other glowing dots.



I am very pleased and delighted to report that my entry won the Astronomy prize in the competition!



You can see all the entries in an online gallery, here:

I’m really pleased to have won a category. The standard of entries was very high, and I’m honored to be included amongst them. Thank you, Helios!

It’s Lantern Week on Wavytail

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I have made a new batch of lanterns, they are bright and shiny; come and get ’em!



If you like airplanes, cats or flowers then these are for you. (Dogs coming soon). They add a ton of warmth and cheerfulness to a room or outdoor space.

Scroll down to see them, or click through to the shop to grab one now.


Airplanes fly around each lantern, along with birds, clouds and the moon.



KittyCats play with balls; with paw prints and a little mouse.


Big Flower

A Big Flower dominates one side of this lantern; with smaller flowers in different colors around the rest of it.


Many Flowers

Many Flowers in different colors and sizes make this a charming lantern.


Are you ready for one of these in your living space? Find them here on Etsy.

Three new paper cuts for you!

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Three new works are available on my Etsy shop now.


First up is Force Field – I’m really pleased with this one. I searched for a while to find the right kind of plastic film to use for the transparent layer, and ended up finding a lighting gel from a movie supply shop. These come in large sheets which is great; I can cut them down to size as I need, and they cut really nicely, so I can make small shapes. (My house is now full of tiny green hexagons). The finished piece has a ton of dimensionality.

Force Field

Force Field


This one is named “Ilene’s Tile”, after friend Ilene took up some linoleum from her house a while ago. I liked the tile design and made this from it.

Ilene's Tile

Ilene’s Tile


Finally, we have ‘Shards’, a letter-sized abstract piece.





If you would like to purchase any of these, click through to the shop here. Thanks for reading!